A gallery of RGB art. Really? See for yourself: g´┐Żnther selichar - who's afraid of blue, red and green?

Say, I've been rather lazy lately. Can't I write anything? Nope, just link stuff... Yay. Text is a pain to read anyway.

Have some fun. Mouve your mose. Trace your tracing. Huh? See:SURFACE.YUGOP.COM || MONO*crafts 3.0

Could an infinite number of monkeys really type out Psalm 23? Last time I checked, they might get 5 characters correct. Heheh.. Well, I'm not holding my breath.


So obviously, as supported by the links below, math has significance in the visual arts. But what about literature or poetry? Does the spoken word use math? What about literature? Hmmm...

Some visual sculpture by Helaman Ferguson

A great index of Math Art

More math in art! Geometric Sculpture of George W. Hart, mathematical sculptor

More support for the relationship of Art & Math!!

Can Math and Art peacefully coexist? Prof. Coxeter seems to think so!

Next time some shmuck give you his business card with a wink and a smile, thank him and look forward to your next project: Making business card cubes!

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