Wow, it seems like a friggin' year since I've posted anything. Well I'm back, sort of. Okay, not really. Just another entry while our database is down... I don't have internet in my new place (yeah, I moved recently). Yet. Too many expenses lately and my cheapskate landlords won't lift a finger. I'm thinking of reporting them, since they won't even give me a receipt or take a cheque for the rent. ("Pay cash, no tax").

My new job is okay, I work in Photoshop all day. It gets repetitive though. There are advantages to working here, for example last Thursday I got 4, yes FOUR, free passes to movies. They are: It's All Gone Pete Tong, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Batman Begins, and The Perfect Man. I am not sure if I'll see The Perfect Man, maybe for Hillary D--- err I mean Heather Locklear.. hehehe... ;) Is Hillary Duff 18 yet? hmmm. Remember that countdown clock to the Olsen twins 18th birthday?

Another cool thing I found is www.audioscrobbler.com, which tracks your mp3 listening habits and generates top-ten type lists for you, as well as recommending other music based on your preferences. Very cool. If you happen to check it out, I'm wookielove. http://www.audioscrobbler.com/user/wookielove

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