Everybody needs money. Even starvin' artists. I had a job interview for an internal position today, and all went well until I had to ask the questions. First I threw my panel interviewers off when I asked about their policy on diversity. They seemed to understand me as asking "Do you discriminate against people?" when I wanted to know if they generally encourage hiring diverse employees. Aye carumba.

This Saturday I'm getting a truck so I can buy huge canvasses (prestretched.. I'm lazy). I don't know yet what I'm going to paint on them, but think I might do something with four thousand cats within a 4'x6' surface. This could take some time...

Also, last night was our first class of Social Psychology, and - oh brother - here we go with more evolutionary psychology. It amazes me how many people fear to question the faith of evolution when there are so many problems with it. Arguments against evolution are no less cogent than those for it. Regardless of how much "critical thinking" is encouraged in post-secondary, counterarguments are shunned, and so everybody grapples with the subsequent problems... egads!

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