Oh, I should probably make mention that this week has been one of the most bizarre of my life. It has been full of incidentals, surprises, and delights. First of all, several people from my past (none of whom know each other) suddenly contacted me out of the blue. All in a short time frame! Also, my impulse of checking out musician classifieds led me to find a really interesting project that I might join as guitarist. And today, fortunes were bright as I got out of a stressful car situation (the loud knocking was just a loose bracket) and got some extra work done on my teeth for free!
[Okay maybe free dental work isn't something to jump for joy about]
I set up an appointment for an art program, for which I have no intention of registering, just to show off my portfolio. Then my creative juices started going haywire, and I came up with an interactive video installation. It involves playing a movie at different intervals on three screens, with a fourth screen hooked up to a video camera that is facing the audience. The second part of the project involves some video synchronizing, but I'll go into that another time.

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