According to my college paper, I would be increase my "wellness" by engaging in the following activities:

1. Rollerblade the Seawall (oh okay, I'll do this August 7th)
2. Attend a theatre event (does spiderman 2 count?)
3. Park at the furthest point away from your destination in the parking lot. (but what if my destination isn't IN the parking lot?)
4. Give up caffeine for a week. (wh-wh-what?!)
5. Hike Grouse Mountain. (on my list)
6. Read a book on humour. (on my list. hehe)
7. Do not watch TV for one day. (how about a month? I hereby vow to not watch any TV during August!)
8. Listen to classical music (hehe! that's as cheesy as "go watch a foreign film.)
9. Watch the sunrise. (Okay, this is on my list. Can I wait until winter?)
10. Go on a vacation. (Sure, when I finish college)

I might actually do most of those. Now I have purpose. Oooh.

Hey, punk, what's wrong with foreign films?
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