So while I was watching "Before Sunset" and Ethan and Julie reminisced about the past nine years they've been apart, I started thinking about my past and realized that most of it is a blur. There are large sections of my memory that seem to be locked away. Either that, or very little seems significant to me. Our ability to remember events is highly dependant on our level of arousal at the time. Perhaps my life has just been too boring. For example, I remember having played video games, but not a specific moment when I was playing video games. But I know my life has been more exciting than I can recall. Perhaps I just need to start examining my past and laboriously puzzling out all the details. Hm.

Video games suck the life out of you.
But I wondered about seeing that movie tonight.

Bored me when I first saw it. Stupid manmade crap, I thought. Is this one any better?
If your eyes were glazed over during the first one, expect them to be Krispy Kremes in the second. It's a very similar movie. I loved the first one.. but your comment about a "manmade movie" makes me wonder how much the premise is male fantasy, and how a female writer would have approached the same idea. Maybe this is a good example of a romance for guys? I did see it with two guy friends.
I'll have to watch it again to see what I think. I remember there was a part in the first one after which I continuously rolled my eyes until the concluding credits. Or, perhaps, I was possessed by some demon?
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