What a weird night.

Quick backstory: I frequently change my answering machine message -- so frequently that many people don't have a chance to hear it. Two people called me out of the blue last night, and had mixed reactions to my current message: a long-winded rant about the transition from present to future, and how we're "trapped" in the present indefinitely.

Last night was my first time in an official slam competition. Something I've always wanted to do. Two of my friends showed up afer the venue was at capacity, and couldn't stay to watch. Pththhp! My performance went pretty well, except I was so nervous my notes were shaking in my hand. Later, when I got home, I had a message from Maktaaq Bookwormy, who hasn't called me for a year, commenting that I should try some spoken word. Weird.

Yep, I did.
And good for you for doing the spoken word thing! You'll have to repeat it for me when we actually get to tal to each other.

PS I am officially now only "Maktaaq." I read more but books are no longer the sole focus of my blog. That's why my new tag line is now "100% whale blabber." Kind of fitting, since "maktaaq" means whale blubber in Inuktitut.
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