This may be the most eventful year of my life. Climactic, at least. Two big milestones: this summer I finished college, and just yesterday my braces came off. I recorded another demo CD earlier this year, started a new career (including enrolment at a technical school), entered my first slam (spoken word competition), began making short films, started breakdancing lessons, met many new people, and so on. So what is left to do? It seems that most of my long-term goals have finally come to an end.

Perhaps it is time to set new goals... and continue to improve on the things I seem to do sporadically, such as painting. Two things I'd like to add to my repertoire: stand-up comedy, and improv comedy. Okay, actually I've already done a lot of improv, but I've been out of the spotlight for too long -- not that I want any prestige or attention, but the pressure can be exhilerating. Perhaps I should take a workshop through Vancouver TheatreSports League. What else can I do? How about finishing a proper CD, with professionally packaging? What's stopping me?

Perhaps I dilute my talents every time I add a new one. Without focus, each skill loses sharpness. "Jack of all trades, master of none." Most people forget about that last clause.

congratulations justin! to be able to say you've completed most of your long term goals is a mighty statement indeed. good on you brother!

and as for the "jack of all trades, etc" bit...

i once took an art class and my teacher discussed the merits of being a diletante (sp?). he told us the root of where the word came was loosely translated to "enjoyer of all." so why shouldn't we try to enjoy as much as possible. i say good for you. while we're young we should explore as much as we can muster. i think there will be lots of time to focus when we know what we truly need and want.

again, congratulations dude.
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